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Krasnodar Flower and Gift delivery shop

Hello, Dear Customers!
Welcome to Krasnodar Flower Delivery Shop - FlowerBox! Here you wiil find many different gifts, bouquets and sweets for your sweethearts and relative.
For your comfort we have international pay systems - PayPal and WesterUnion. So you can make a gift although you are far away.
If you want to make an order, write to our international manager WhatsApp, Viber or Telegram +7(918)165-33-62 Our manager will help you to make an order 24\7 .
Krasnodar flower delivery shop FlowerBox started in 2011 and has a success till this day. We have a good team: professional florists, fast courier and communicative managers.

We speak your language. We are always ready to help you with the design and payment of your gift.

Instructuions how to make an order in Krasnodar Flower Delivery Shop Flowerbox online:

Gift choice

You choice the liked gift or bouquets in our online shop.

Gift order

Press a button "Добавить в корзину" or write WhatsApp, Viber or Telegram +7(918)165-33-62 

Gift registration 

Registrate your order online or with our manager and write necessary information and choose comfortable way of pay.


Our manager will contact you during five minutes, confirm your order and send requisites. After that you pay an order and expect delivery notice. 

To translate our site, click on the button in the right corner of the website line. 

Find out the approximate value of the gift in dollars - divide the cost by 60. In euros - divide the cost by 70.

Thanks for choosing us. We are always glad to help you. Our Krasnodar Flower Delivery Shop FlowerBox is the easiest way to make happy those you love.

Krasnodar Flower and Gift delivery shop FlowerBox.

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